Podcast Episode 23 – The Naked Air Traveller

In this week’s episode of The Circle of Confusion, the professional photography podcast, we reflect on last week’s filming of Dynamic Range episode 2.

We discuss the mysterious case of  Neil’s missing iPhone, the threat to flying posed by Giottos rubber Rocket-air blowers, the sinister ‘Killshot’, Roger’s new solo podcast, and the miserable state of the professional photography industry in Ireland.

We also give heartfelt thanks to Helena, Ann, Anne, Paul and Fiacre. Each helped us last week in their own way.

Blower banned

Giottos rocket

Weapon or just a lot of air?

The TSA, which is tasked with making life difficult for air travellers to and from the USA, recently banned a Giottos Rocket-air from a flight for looking like a bomb. It won’t be long before carry-on luggage is banned for ‘looking like something that could be used to carry on a weapon’ and passengers are barred from flights for ‘looking like that bloke off Lost. You know the one. The Iraqi guy. Wasn’t he a terrorist? Doesn’t matter. He looked foreign anyway’.

Probably the only way to keep anyone from bringing anything on board is to have passengers strip naked at the gate.

Passenger planes themselves run the risk of being banned for their uncanny likeness to modern long-range bombers.




While the innocuous Rocket-air needs a bit of a leap of imagination to see how it could bring down a jet, the Killshot, a rifle-based camera doesn’t. The idea is benign. Enjoy the hunt without the kill. Yet while you are allowed to bring cameras on board a plane, good luck trying to get this one on board.

Solo careers

Inevitably, after the huge success of The Circle of Confusion podcast*, one of us was going to start a solo career. The first venture out is Roger, who recently launched a podcast dedicated to documentary photography.

If that weren’t bad enough, he’s planning a second one outside of photography.

Wet weather makes for good footage

While last week’s weather was challenging, we got some great stuff. Here’s a taste of the best conditions we encountered.

Peter and Roger

Peter and Roger and wet


*NOTE: Figures show that it’s not just our friends listening**.

**NOTE: We don’t have that many friends***.

***NOTE: Even if we include people we once met on a train.

Blatant plug for our wares

Don’t forget, you can purchase the first episode of our landscape photography video series Dynamic Range for just €9.95, and as a bonus, the pilot episode is just €4.95! You’ll receive the download link via email as soon as you’ve completed the purchase.



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2 Responses to Podcast Episode 23 – The Naked Air Traveller

  1. Hello guys,

    Nice episode!
    All that doom and gloom drowned by poetry, a wet director and Fiacra and Neil cuddles! And not forgetting the mystery of the “rescued by aliens” phone…


  2. Thanks Javier for your comment.
    It looks like my iPhone likes being run over by cars. That’s Episode 1 & 2 now. Can’t wait to see what happens in Episode 3.