Podcast Episode 25 – Everything Is Black Or White – Except For The Grey Bits

Welcome to episode 25 of The Circle of Confusion, the professional photography podcast.

Neil talks black and white, Peter gets distracted by the best cave photograph he has ever seen, and Roger is silent for ten minutes.

We hear the story of a UK photographer who didn’t get justice despite the law being on his side, highlight the million dollar selling photograph that never was, and discuss Nikon’s innovative approach to pricing new products in the UK and Ireland.

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Someone mentions Pinterest, but only briefly.

We look back at the furore storm in a tea cup caused by Roger’s outburst against the Master Photographers Association (MPA) last week, and discuss the recent controversy surrounding the British Institute of Professional Photography’s (BIPP) annual awards judging.

There’s also the latest on our search for correspondents.

The Stolen Scream

Listener Ollie Byrne sent us a link to a video that tells the story of a photograph taken by Noam Galai, an Israeli living in the US. The photograph has been used hundreds of times over without Noam’s permission. Had he received royalties, the photograph would be a commercial super hit – the kind all professional photographers dream of. Noam, though, has received nothing.

Limited editions

Fuji continues its march into Leica territory and is now producing limited editions of the X-Pro 1. Check out Steve Huff’s write up here: Special Edition X-Pro 1. By the way, Steve also has a great post by singer-musician Seal, who owns a limited edition titanium Leica M9. It’s worth a read: Seal’s M9 Limited Edition.


Peter halts the podcast about halfway through having found a terrific photograph of someone descending (or ascending, it’s hard to say) into (or out of) a cave over at DPReview. com. Click the link to see the photograph: The Best Person In A Cave Photograph Peter Has Ever Seen.

Dis-Organisation 1

After last week’s outburst, Roger sent an open letter to the MPA. It sparked quite a lot of debate and prompted the association to email Roger with the following response:

Dear Roger

Thank you for your email.    

As an Association we have a duty of care to make our members aware of any issues that may affect their trading practices, and it is up to the individual member as to whether they choose to avail themselves of our advice.

Our advice is always based on the best practices of the DTI and OFT.

Yours sincerely
Colin R Buck Hon FMPA
Chief Executive

Dis-Organisation 2

This week the British Institute of Professional Photography found itself in the dock when reports of judges winning awards in the organisation’s annual awards made it as far as the BBC. As a consequence of the fuss, the BIPP is thinking about banning judges from entering in future.

What do you think?

As ever, we’d love to hear your views and get your feedback.

Disagree, agree or have a completely different take on what we’ve discussed? Please get in touch by leaving a comment or emailing us at mailbag@circleofconfusion.ie.

Also, if you see or know something you think we’d be interested in discussing on the blog, we’d love to hear from you too.

Lastly, if you’d like to put yourself forward as a correspondent (we’re especially keen to hear from female photographers to help balance our pool of photographers worldwide), then you know what to do.

Blatant plug for our wares

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4 Responses to Podcast Episode 25 – Everything Is Black Or White – Except For The Grey Bits

  1. Ann

    Read an interesting article on Slate about models and stock photography- http://www.slate.com/articles/life/culturebox/2012/03/stock_photo_mistake_my_boyfriend_s_face_ended_up_on_howaboutwe.html

    Even though model releases don’t come up much in landscape photography, I think this article opens up a couple of interesting discussion areas:
    1- You talk a lot about social network sites and their rights grabs, but aren’t a lot of boilerplate model releases just as bad?

    2- And what about the agreement between the photographer and stock agency? Is the agency able to photoshop and crop as they see fit?

  2. @Ann – Thanks for getting in touch Ann. We’ll add this to the running order for the next show, as you pose some interesting questions.

  3. Rich

    Thanks very much for the info on B & W. It will keep me busy for a while.

    I’ve been planning a trip to Europe and it occurred to me that you “boys” might have some tips on how to travel with photo equipment. I found one flight from Edinburgh to Dublin with a fare of €0 (that’s right – zero, zip, naught, nada). By the time I’d finished I had to pay extra for seat location in the cabin, carry on bag (camera stuff), airport fees, security fees, fuel surcharge, pilot with a real pilot’s license, etc…. Then there was a charge for check-in luggage plus an extra fee for oversize (anything larger than a lunchbox). By the time I was finished that free flight cost me over €200!

    How do you “boys” do it? Any tips or information on packing and traveling would really be appreciated.


  4. @Rich – Hope the B&W info inspires you to create some interesting images.
    As for the travel question. I will leave that to Peter as I don’t travel outside Ireland for photography whereas Peter has traveled to Iceland a couple of time and has a few stories about baggage charges.